The Mentore Story


In 2010 the incoming UK Government, concerned about the slow progress to promote gender equality on boards of listed companies, commissioned a review to identify the barriers preventing more women reaching the boardroom and to make recommendations regarding actions/changes government and business could make to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards.

The Davies report highlighted the complex barriers and challenges to many women with corporate experience reaching success.  The report cited gender behavior traits, a low number of successful female role models, coupled with women being frequently overlooked for development opportunities and that there were differences in the way men and women were mentored and sponsored which gave men the edge over their female peers.  

Founded in 2012, Mentore Consulting was formed to bring the benefits of external mentoring, networking and sponsorship to organisations to help accelerate and promote the development of top talent both within and outside their organisations.

Mentore works with clients and their senior talent, offering a bespoke mentoring service as an effective development tool.  Mentore assists businesses to achieve diverse leadership teams and accelerate the development and promotion of senior talent up the executive pipeline. 

Mentore delivers mentoring-based talent management programmes that span 12 to 18 months.  Offering a practical, pragmatic and proactive solution for businesses looking to make a change to the diversity of their senior leadership, bringing transformational benefits to the individuals and significantly adding value to the whole organisation.

Mentore’s high calibre group of mentors includes Dame Tessa Jowell, Sir Roger Carr, Baroness Sally Morgan, Lord Mervyn Davies, Sir Keith Mills, Baroness Karren Brady, Ruby McGregor-Smith and Sir Michael Rake.  The breadth and depth of our mentors’ expertise enables us to match mentees with someone ideally suited to their experience, skill set and personality.

Mentore offers access to an unparalleled network of business leaders including chairmen, executive officers and non-executive directors from a wide range of industries, sectors and geographies. We work with multi-national corporates, FTSE350 companies, professional services firms and public sector organisations.


Making a difference to the diversity of senior leadership

The environment surrounding women in business has matured significantly since the original release of the Davies report in 2011 when only 12.5% of board members were women. The report presented practical recommendations to address the imbalance and slow progress to achieving greater representation of women on corporate boards with a target of 25% of members of corporate boards to be women by 2015.

UK businesses are balancing their senior leadership teams in greater numbers, with the result that we’re starting to see real change in the makeup of FTSE boards – both FTSE100 and FTSE 250. The 2014 Davies Report shows significant progress, with women representing 20.7% of FTSE 100 board members.

Whilst increasing the number of women on boards remains a key goal, we’re now witnessing increased focus on building the female talent pipeline: Businesses recognise that to sustain these developments in the long term, change must be embedded across all levels. Thereby ensuring a pipeline of high calibre, board ready individuals is built.  

Leading companies’ approach to their talent management and the development of their senior women needs to be reviewed more strategically. Women need to be prepared and be ready for when the most senior leadership positions become available.  These organisations are looking for innovative solutions and approaches, ones that reach beyond a box-ticking exercise on gender diversity and strive towards sustainable embedded change across their entire business.

Bespoke talent development solutions that focus on mentoring and networking, create value for businesses by building a sustainable talent pipeline of senior women below board level. This develops the profile of essential role models, creating change flowing throughout the organisation and showing a visible commitment to diversity.

Bespoke talent development is most effective for those at the top of organisations, where each intervention can be carefully tailored to the very specific goals and needs of the individual. Critically, these must be aligned to the goals and success factors of the organisation itself to ensure value is delivered against key success factors and a return on investment can be recognised.

This is about making a difference to the diversity of senior leadership.

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