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    Diverse and inclusive
    cultures have a
    transformational impact
    on organisations and leadership

Why work with Mentore:

It is crucial to embed inclusion and diversity priorities in the core business strategy to create long-lasting change in working cultures

Our clients are considering:

  • Seeking to drive long term sustainable embedded change, while delivering short term actions and “quick wins” to create immediate impact and build momentum

  • Developing approaches to address specific minority groups, whilst also engaging and creating value for the remaining majority

  • Hearing different viewpoints across teams and organisations – from champions and advocates to the cynics, fence-sitters and frozen-middle, across senior leaders down to those just starting in the workplace

  • Developing interventions to understand these viewpoints

  • Empowering leaders to drive actions that are business-wide, geographically sensitive and orientated to individual employees

  • Creating engagement, with incentivisation and accountability from the top down
"Mentore has further enabled us to unlock the power of our organisation through helping us navigate a Reverse Mentoring Pilot Programme. The success of our pilot, where candidates from our Employee Resource Groups nominated themselves to mentor members of our EMEA Executive team was both inspiring and enlightening. We will now roll the programme out to a wider group on a sustained basis."
Michael Cole-Fontayn, Executive Vice President and Chairman EMEA, BNY Mellon

How we support clients

  • Understanding the current state and key success factors Reviewing and aligning a strategic Inclusion/Diversity plan with our client’s vision for success

  • Identifying the appropriate, pragmatic solutions that can deliver sustainable and embedded change

  • Measuring results and long-term success

  • Engaging and communicating with stakeholders to build on-going awareness, understanding and commitment

  • Providing expertise, challenge, ideas, connections